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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question below, please contact us, we'd love to chat!

I've never posed. Could I get guidance?

Heck yes!

You have nothing to worry about! I’m here to make you look amazing. I’m an expert at posing and lighting and will shoot from angles that make you look your best from head to toe. I’m confident you’re going to be blown away by how good you look. Just show up and I’ll do the rest (I’ll even do the poses first to show you).

Where will the shoot take place?

It's up to you!

We have a dedicated studio in Oakland that was designed and arranged to make you feel right at home, but we are also happy to venture out.  

What if I don’t want my images shared?

I have found that most of my clients feel so gorgeous after their session and they can’t wait to share their images, but it is always your call. Your images are completely and TOTALLY private unless you give us permission to share them. No image will ever be shared without your direct consent.

Can I request an on location shoot?

Yes, absolutely!

​Do you have a meaningful location? Or somewhere you want to document? Please feel free to let us know. We want to do all we can in giving you the best experience while taking great shots that you'll always treasure.

How far are you willing to travel?

We routinely do on locations shoots in various parts of the Bay Area. Get in touch with us if you have a great idea for a location. We'd love to hear all about it.

I'm on the curvy side; is that okay?

Yes! You are gorgeous just the way you are!

It is our passion to help all women, regardless of size and celebrate who they are.

What should I wear? and what if I don’t have any lingerie?

No worries, girl! I got you! A wardrobe & concept consultation comes with all the packages.

You can wear whatever you want during your boudoir session. A dress, a robe, button-up, lingerie or nothing at all. It’s totally up to you and there is no right or wrong amount of clothing. If you need help picking outfits, you can call or email anytime with questions or to get tips. I also have some outfits and accessories that you can borrow. Just remember: Variety is key.

Retro boudoir photography
Boudoir photography in a classic car
Cultry boudoir pose
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