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Andrea Padilla

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved capturing moments. As a child, I would draw or paint scenes from the trips that I would take with family all over Argentina. But as soon as I got my hands on a camera, I knew that it was the right tool for me. I began photographing landscapes trying to capture the essence of the space while highlighting the powerful beauty that it transmitted. After studying Fine Arts and getting a Master’s in Photography, I continued my exploration of landscapes capturing deserts and mountains, cities and skylines, and eventually turning my gaze to the human body. I approach every shoot with the same intention I’ve had all these years, to capture the essence and individuality of each of my clients while highlighting the beauty and power that each woman has inside. Part of what makes landscapes impactful are the feelings that they can evoke and thus with each shoot I try to employ a cinematographic approach that tells a cohesive story.


(646) 474 8877

Andrea Padilla in a boudoir image with an antique camera


Confidence comes with a first step -

embracing who you are

Classy pose for a boudoir session


Boudoir celebrates you. Keywords are fun and spontaneous. Your session is to celebrate who you are, the “YOU” the world sees and the secret “YOU” ~ the dream that lives inside.

A boudoir session in Andrea Padilla's studio
Sultry pose and look for a boudoir photoshoot


To make stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your life and claiming your rights.

Posing a bride for her boudoir photoshoot


Placing your trust and connecting with your photographer is truly important and results in images you will love. Giving yourself permission to enjoy and relax allows me to bring out the feel and look you envisioned when you imagined having Boudoir images shot.

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Meet Our Team
teresa song Makeup and hair .jpg

Teresa Song

Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist

Maya Roget Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Maya Roget

Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist


Jenny Wong

Photo Assistant

Meet our team
Our Studio & Behind the Scenes
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