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We, as women, don’t take the time to revel in our womanhood, enjoy or acknowledge our beauty or the freedom of indulgence, yet each of us deserves those special moments of feeling free and bold enough to be the woman we are inside. Boudoir Photography encourages us to indulge in those moments of expression. 

Boudoir Photography is all about capturing the beautiful you in ways that will have you appreciating the woman you are and perhaps falling back in love with yourself. If you’re slightly nervous, but have always wanted to do a boudoir session, there’s no better time than now. There is no valid reason to wait. You’re perfect and beautiful just as you are. My experience is in posing and capturing all body types and showing them off beautifully. You deserve a fabulous experience. Envision the sensation of going to the spa for pampering, but in this case ending up with timeless and stunning images that will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Don’t let this be the one thing to regret never having experienced. More couples are loving doing a couples session and this is fast becoming one of our most popular sessions. Who wouldn’t love to have a stunning image that captures that special look between you and your lover, the passion and love that you feel for each other. It’s not about sex, it’s about the emotion coming to life in beautiful images. Our couples images are tasteful yet sensual and our clients absolutely love their sessions.



Are you choosing a Boudoir or Glamour Session?

Why are choosing to do a photo shoot? Gift for myself __________ Gift for my Partner __________ Other __________

Do you know what style you would like to shoot Contemporary __________ Bedroom Elegant __________ Vintage __________ Natural with a hint of Sexy __________ Hint of Nude __________

How revealing or non-revealing would your like your images to be?

What do you consider your best feature(s). Anything you would like me to focus on?

Is there anything that you are particularly self-conscious about. What outfits and accessories do you have in mind to wear for your shoot. Colors, shoes, jewelry. If you can take pictures of what you are going to wear it would help me plan your shoot out, you can email them to me or make a private pinterest board to share. If you have seen poses that you love and express who you are please feel free to share. I don’t copy other photographers but we can adapt a look for your images. Remember, this is your session so even though I will be guiding you in poses, anything that doesn’t feel right or you’re not comfortable doing, please be sure to let me know. The most important thing to me is that you love your images and have a great experience shooting with me.


Beautiful Lingerie should make you feel sexy even if it isn’t seen by anyone but you.


Choosing outfits can be a bit stressful, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you choose outfits that make you feel sexy, but at the same time are comfortable. Bring at least one or two bra and panty sets. Corsets, garters and nylons are also great. A silk robe to wrap yourself in is a dynamite outfit and really versatile. An oversized sweater can lend itself to a more casual but outstanding and very sexy look. That gorgeous dress that you’ve been dying to wear can be subtly sexy and create images that you can share with friends and family if you’re the least bit shy about sharing your more personal images. Denim & Lace - killer look. For an edgier look a bra and leggings with killer heels can be a dynamite look if you have an edgier personality and want to showcase that as well as your romantic side. Accessorize your looks with killer shoes, bring at least a couple of pair that work with your outfits. Remember you’re not going to be walking in them so they don’t have to be super comfortable. Other accessories that work are necklaces, earrings, scarves, hats, gloves even boots can provide a whole other look to your images.




Taking the time to prep everything for your shoot will keep you relaxed and feeling confident. Throwing everything together last minute will make you feel frazzled and out of sorts. We want you to have a fabulous experience from start to finish and the best way is simply to feel prepared.

SKIN Hydrate the week of your shoot, drink water regularly your skin will love it and it gives your skin a refreshed look. It’s a great idea to exfoliate your body prior to your shoot, make sure not to irritate and redden your skin though, best to do a 2 or 3 days before your session. If you wax, make sure to do it or have it done leaving enough time for your skin to calm down if you are prone to any reaction, for example reddened areas. Please don’t go for a tanning session for at least a week before your shoot, it will not look natural and adds an orange tint to your skin. Bring your body lotion with you to your session.

FACE Treat yourself to a facial Your skin will glow, just make sure to know how your skin reacts and give yourself time for your skin to calm down after your treatment. Whitening your teeth - there are an affordable at home use products or schedule a dental visit Get your eyebrows waxed if they need it. Since they frame your eyes, they’re an important part of prepping.

HAIR Get a trim before your shoot, Typically a week prior to your shoot. Don’t go for a drastic hair style change right before your session. Make sure that if you color your hair your roots are touched up and a deep conditioning can help your hair shine with a beautiful glossy finish.

HANDS & FEET Your hands can be used in very sensual, creative ways in a Boudoir shoot, you want to make sure they're looking their best. A manicure and pedicure is a definite must, if you don’t wear polish I suggest having at least a clear polish put on. If you are planning to wear jewelry, rings or bracelets make sure to clean them prior to your shoot to have them looking their best. Of course, this goes for necklaces and earrings as well.

CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES Prepare those amazing outfits at least a few days in advance, don’t cram them into a bag, hang them if possible to avoid wrinkles. Make sure to try everything on before your shoot and choose outfits that not only fit well but make you feel wonderful and sexy. Bring at least 5 choices, we’ll talk about this in our consult. It’s good to bring a variety of colors that look great on you, you can also choose to go with tonal colors. Make sure you have everything you need including shoes, nylons and any accessories you want to bring, don’t forget your jewelry - it’s such a great add.

DATE | TIME | LOCATION Please make sure to arrive on time to your scheduled appointment so your shoot isn’t cut short. We need to stay on schedule to make sure your session is perfect. Hair and makeup will take a certain amount of time and we want to make sure we have all the time we need for your shoot.

RELAX. BE YOURSELF You’re investing a lot into this experience, so enjoy it. Don’t think about any negatives or what you may consider to be imperfections. Have faith that you look amazing, the rest is up to us and we’ll make sure you look amazing. We’ll have some champagne, fun and laughs. You’re welcome to bring music that you love, whatever will make you feel good and either relax you or get you pumped, your choice.


We include Hair & Makeup in your boudoir session for the express reason that our Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists are professionals who are highly skilled with years of experience. Leave it to the professional, you will love this experience. Your session includes a 1 hour and a half session with our professionally trained hair & makeup artist. Whatever look or feel you want to express our hair and makeup artists are here to make it happen, whether you want your look to be natural, glamorous, vixen or pure elegance, We talk about the look you want, look at images that you love and the outfits you want to wear for your session and make it all come together to bring out the most beautiful and sexy you. This is why we do what we do. How fabulous to bring out the innate beauty that is you. Makeup and hair don’t make the person, all it does is enhance your natural beauty and we’re here to make that happen.

OUR TEAM Professional Makup Artist and Hair Sytlis- Teresa Song - Maya Roget  - Rachel Rockwood